Nutrition For Results


100% CLEAN EATING, YOUR TASTES, YOUR CHOICES. It’s easy. You are already doing it, we're just going to give you some guidelines.

PORTION CONTROL. Maintaining proper portion size is key to weight loss and management.

The Nutrition For Results Eating Plan is designed to slingshot your results to a new level. It’s just as extreme and hardcore as the workouts. The eating plan is based on two very important principles:

Eating Plan

Regardless of your previous ways of eating, the Nutrition For Results Eating Plan fine-tunes those habits. It’s the ultimate weight loss plan but also the perfect “final push” for anyone who’s looking to cut out those final pounds. And for extreme results, check out Results Countdown to Competition. This “carb depletion” plan—a staple in competition circles—follows Results eating regimen when prepping for bikini competitions. Carb depletion drops carbs in a controlled fashion so that you can still fuel your workouts while leaning out and adding definition to your muscles.

NUTRITION FOR RESULTS isn’t a diet or diet fad. You won’t find any fancy

ingredients, complicated recipes, or strict meal plans to follow each day. Nutrition For Results is based on the concept of PORTION CONTROL. Most people don’t know the proper portions they should be eating. Now you get to eat what you want and create your own meals, but we’re going to show you the proper portion sizes. If you want eggs and toast for breakfast or sweet potatoes and rice with your steak,  no problem. You can! This is a simple road map where you can eat what you want to eat, but still reach your goals. Most importantly, this guide will give you the tools you need to be healthy for the rest of your life!