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Refunds for 3, 6 & 12 month registrations are allowed up to the point of 10 days after purchase. After a 10-day period, the membership is no longer available for refund under any circumstances. If you choose to refund during the allowed refund time, you will be charged a prorated amount for the classes that you attended plus a $20 administration fee.

There is no transfer option avail for single classes or months. Your classes can be frozen/suspended a maximum of two times within a 1-year membership for requested amount of time up to a month each time and one time for up to a month within a 6-month membership. If you become pregnant, it can be suspended for a max of 1 consecutive year.

Transfer of membership can only be done on a one-year membership. The person taking over the transfer would be subject to registering for a new full year membership at the same pricing that the transferring participant was offered, this must be approved through Results Fitness Management.

Please contact us for all inquiries regarding: freezing months, and refunds. The corresponding e-mails for the locations can be found on the contact page of the Results Fitness website.


6 Month Commitment

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What Does Membership Include

You may login to choose your class times for each class up to a month in advance.

You may change/update your attendance to a class up to minutes before the class begins. The website will show how many spaces are available/ reserved on a live basis. If you are not able to attend, you are expected to unregister for the class that you chose to make room for another participant. Time slots will be on a first come first serve basis.

You will automatically receive your eating plan options when you register.

All registrations begin on the date of the first class that you attend after your registration is complete

1 Year Commitment



4 Class Card

Unlimited classes for the month at the location registered.

Custom Results Nutrition Plan

3 Day Results Diet

My Results Tracker

1 additional education workshop class per month (see schedule)

1 additional nutrition workshop per month (see schedule)


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One Month Registration

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(2 Classes Per Week offered 5 Days a Week/ 6 classes a day) See schedule Here!

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(Unlimited Classes offered 5 Days a Week/ 6 classes a day) See schedule Here!


3 Month Commitment

Refund & Transfer Policy


2 Classes Options

Refunds must be requested 24 hours prior to the first class commences. Please contact us for your refund (our e-mail address can be found on the contact page of the Results Fitness Website. Refunds will be subject to a $20 administration fee.

Refunds requested after this time will not be accepted under any circumstances.

One-month registrations are not transferable. Classes are not transferable under any circumstances

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(Unlimited Classes offered 5 Days a Week/ 6 classes a day) See schedule Here!






3, 6 and 12 month Registrations

Results Fitness offers 15% off all of our pricing options for Full Time students.

(We get it education can get expensive so we thought we could help out.)

Next, go to our contact page and send an e-mail with an attachment of a scanned copy of your student status (student id, and time table). The name must match your registration. If documentation is not received within 24 hours of registration, your membership may be frozen until it is received or you will be contacted to adjust to full price. Student pricing DOES NOT apply to part-time students.

3 Month Commitment


6 Month Commitment

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